Why Should You Consider the RV Lifestyle?

Living in an RV full-time is something that some people might find difficult. In other words, some might wonder just how anyone could give up living in a sticks and bricks home and choose to live their life on the road. However, these people are far from crazy, in fact, they could be characterized more as fun-loving, out-of-the-box thinking adventurous types. Of course, selling all your belongings and giving up your comfortable life, with the intention of living full-time in an RV, is risky, but it’s a risk that can be very rewarding, if you are so inclined. An RV lifestyle is not meant for everyone, nevertheless, it can provide a life full of adventures, challenges, and the exploration of great new places.

Why Should You Consider the RV Lifestyle?

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Recently, there has been a boom in the number of people willing to embrace the full-time RV lifestyle of traveling and adventure. Although taking to the roads in an RV is not a something new, it is something typically associated with retirees. However, due to the availability of camper vans, better resources, and a booming RV community, it has turned into something everybody and anybody wants to try.

An Adventurous Crowd

In 2017 alone, RV shipments reached a record 504,600 units. This speaks volumes about the rate in which people are embracing the sort of lifestyle changes owning an RV brings. For those seeking to get into the world of RV travel, it’s important to keep in mind the finances that are involved. You must budget for them appropriately. There are a few different ways to finance your time on the road. You can draw from your personal savings. This combined with money from offloading some of your belongings might help you find the necessary funds. Alternatively, you can choose to get an RV loan from a reputable RV financing provider. You can make use of an RV loan calculator. This will help you calculate the amount you have to pay monthly if you decided to take up a loan for this purpose.

There are many reasons why people are drawn to the RV lifestyle now more than ever. Below we’ll explore some of them and why you may find yourself getting hooked too!

A Life of Mountains, Beaches, and Deserts

Living the RV lifestyle means you get to choose where you want to be any time of the year. In the U.S. for example, there are many places that attract adventurers, such as Minnesota, and other idyllic locales. Minnesota is a beautiful state with lots to offer in the way of water sports, hiking, and other outdoor activities. However, it gets extremely cold during the winter months. If you were living full-time in an RV, you could easily move on to a warmer climate when the temperature drops.

The thing about living in an RV is that it is quite different from taking a regular vacation. It is something akin to bringing your entire home with you on a journey. It gives you peace of mind that you aren’t leaving anything essential behind, as it is all right there with you on your travels. You can choose to spend the winter at fabulous beaches in Florida or your summer exploring mountains in Washington. The ability to change where you live as you see fit not only gives you flexibility, but it is also very exhilarating.

Family fishing from a canoe in Minnesota.

Spending More Time Outdoors

For outdoor lovers, living in an RV seems like the perfect match. This is due to the fact that you can park your home wherever you see fit. You can pick places that give you a chance to enjoy outdoor activities. If you like rock climbing, you can park close to rock climbing routes. Perhaps you prefer hiking or biking, great, you can park near bike trails or hiking paths. No matter what your interests are, living in an RV can help you be closer to places you love.

For example, many campgrounds throughout the U.S. provide plenty of opportunities to explore the great outdoors. There is such a great variety when it comes to places that you can park your RV. You are sure to find the perfect spot (or two, or three). Whether you like exploring the trails, relaxing by the pool, or being off alone in the wilderness, you will find a spot that suits your needs.

A family hiking in the woods together.

Beating the Weather

Given that you’ll be spending your time in a home that moves, you can easily relocate to places with the kind of weather that you prefer. Taking time to move with weather that suits your desires is a fantastic perk of living this lifestyle. We all like perfect weather, don’t we? Weather that suits us just right – not too hot, not too cold! One of the greatest benefits of having a home you can move is that you can just pack up and leave once the weather becomes unfavorable.

Winter in Florida is nice.

Getting Rid of Unnecessary Loads can Be Liberating

Embracing the RV lifestyle means you have to offload most of your belongings. In doing this, you might find that much of the load you have been hoarding is long past its usefulness. Living in an RV will spur you into downsizing, as space is limited. Which means, you only get to bring with you the essentials from everything you own. Additionally, you may also be able to make some money from selling the things you don’t need.

This will get you into a routine of being mindful about what you buy and use. Because in an RV, there is no room for unnecessary stuff. Besides, the majority of your RV life is going to be spent outdoors, which means you won’t have a need for as much stuff.

It can be hard getting rid of all your stuff, but worth it.

Working and the RV Lifestyle

What scares most people away from the RV lifestyle is the big question of “how will we make money?” This thought alone has stopped many from attempting their dream life. However, the thing is, you can live an RV life and work all the same.

We now live in an era where there are so many job opportunities that don’t require your physical presence.You can work from any locatid.. We now have jobs that allow you to work remotely, all while living from the comfort of your RV anywhere. There are so many types of online businesses that can allow you to make good money while living your RV dream life at the same time.

A kid working on a computer.

With a good internet connection (satellite internet is the best option), you will discover how easy it is to start a business or work for one, while living on the road. Additionally, working remotely gives you the flexibility you need, as you can work according to your own preferred schedule. You can decide when you want to take a break – or even when to go exploring. If you want to work all day, that is all on you! Whatever you choose, it can be done from the comfort of your RV.

Why Should You Consider the RV Lifestyle?

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