West Virginia, A Family Adventure Worth Taking

Yes, there was a bit of a cold spell while we were in the state of West Virginia, but we still had a great time.

Often when visiting an area we have a few plans for what we will see and do while we are there, but other than a tour of the capitol building, we had no idea where life would take us in West Virginia. It is nice to not really plan too much sometimes because it leaves us open to do what the locals recommend.

The capital city of West Virginia, Charleston, is very nice.

They have a great science/children’s museum, called The Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences. It had a really fun town area set up. Here the kids are able to get job sheets and go to each business and complete tasks. After completing the tasks they would answer questions at the ATM machine and get money in their account. They could use the money to buy games to play or buy thing at the businesses.


Some of the businesses our kids really enjoyed were the firefighting area, the electrician shop, and the veterinarian clinic. They also had a cool climbing structure that reached three stories high! On the first floor was an inventors workshop where the kids were able to build things out of recycled materials. We love visiting the museums on our ASTC membership list!

The Capitol building in Charleston, West Virginia is beautiful and well worth visiting.

There was no one available that day to give us a tour so it was up to us. The history we learn when visiting state capitols is great. We learned how important West Virginia was to both sides during the Civil War. Coal mining was a very important industry to this state. Also that the Hatfield-McCoy feud was started here and really took place, which was quite interesting.

Across the street from the capitol is The West Virginia State Museum. It is free and very well done, so I highly recommend going inside to look around. They set it up in time line fashion, which made it easy for the kids to follow along. It starts in ancient times with fossils and geology and goes all the way up to modern times with things from their state centennial celebration.

They have many interactive and hands on displays as well as tons of information for the adults (OK we like the hands on stuff too). We really enjoyed the talking photographs because it made history come alive. The underground mining stuff throughout was fun too. There was so much to see we spent hours looking around and probably could have spent longer, but we had to eat.

We ended up having our picnic in the car because it was cold and rainy, but it was a great visit to a great capitol city like Charleston West Virginia!

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What did we shoot with in West Virginia?

Our previous camera was a Nikon point and shoot and it was good for just taking snap shots, though now we use a Cannon T5 Rebel to take high grade photographs for our website. It is a good balance between being able to get the job done while not costing a fortune. Miles uses a Akaso EK5000 to shoot video for us and it came with a water proof case plus a clip mount both of which are great. I don’t know if the Nikon or Cannon is better, but the important thing is to have a camera on hand to get that perfect shot at the right moment! #AD

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13 thoughts on “West Virginia, A Family Adventure Worth Taking”

  1. I love how West Virginia just decided it was staying in the Union during the Civil War.

    I feel like the Hatfield and McCoy feud has been played up over the last 20 years for the entertainment of everyone else because it was like any typical redneck disagreement. It is great for West Virginia tourism.

    • The museum mentioned it in a display, but it was a very small part of the museum. We had never learned that West Virginia just didn’t want to secede from the Union. I always wondered why it was West Virginia and Virginia when all the other states are north and south. You never know what you will learn when you travel.

  2. There is so much to do here, it’s pretty surprising! I love the idea of a museum within a museum though. I’ve had lots of bad luck when it comes to the weather not playing ball, but you can always make the best of it and it looks like you did in West Virginia!

  3. Wonderful photos! I’ve never been to this area before but it sure looks like there is lots to do! Especially for kiddos. Weather not cooperating is something every avid traveler knows how to roll with like a pro 🙂

    • Yeah and it makes you feel appreciative when the weather works out perfect for you. When we visited Mt. Rainer it cleared up and we got some awesome photos. The Rangers said it only happens a couple of times a year. Win some, lose some but keep traveling right.

  4. West Virginia looks lovely. I love the architecture of The Capitol Building and as a history lover I’m sure there a lot to learn there. And it looks like there’s plenty for kids to do. I might take my niece and nephews here one day. Thanks for sharing!

  5. So glad you enjoyed your time in West Virginia – we love Charleston, and I totally agree that it’s a very family friendly place to visit. The Capitol really is a beautiful building – sorry to hear you couldn’t find anyone to give you a tour, though it sounds like you created a fun self tour anyway!

  6. When the weather doesn’t cooperate! This makes me sad when I have plans and the weather seems annoying! But you guys really had a great time especially the kids! Even in the beginning of the video ( as I watched it! ) They were so excited! I could imagine the excitement in them! This is such a great day out with the family especially in the museum, super fun, entertaining and educational! I’d love to have 3 kids, too! They all look adorable!

  7. It’s great when you can make the best of a place, even when the weather doesn’t necessarily cooperate! It looks like a fantastic place to spend times with kiddos! Charleston’s capitol looks so beautiful too!

  8. I haven’t really spent any time in West Virginia but there’s definitely more in Charleston than I would have expected! It looks like there was a lot to do, and glad everyone had a good time!

  9. I am a great fan of Nikon as well. I have a Nikon D70 which I love, but between the lenses and the body I have to carry too much weight. I wish they would make these cameras lighter. I’ve never been in Virginia. Your photos look great!

  10. Haha, your kids seem to have had a heck of a good time. I did not have Charlston on my radar, yet, to be honest, but it seems to have a lot to offer. I will definetly go visit the Museum within a Museum, since I have never heard of such a thing before 😀


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