Planning a Family Vacation: 8 Ways to Save on Transportation

Transportation is probably the most expensive part of any vacation. Airfare, rental cars, taxis, ferry’s, these all cost money and when you have a family can become expensive quickly. There are plenty of ways to save money on the transportation piece of the vacation puzzle. Like Tiffany at Mommy And Me Travels says “saving money on transportation is like art; you must have patience and creativity.” Read these eight ways to save money on transportation that I have compiled from myself and several other experienced travelers from around the globe. Start saving so you can keep traveling!

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6 Tips to Save Money While Traveling America with Kids

We want to help others save money while traveling America with kids, so here are some tips.

People have asked us how much it costs to travel to every state in America and it is a hard question to answer. We definitely try to save money while traveling America with kids. For us it costs almost the exact same that living in a 2300 square foot house cost. It might seem like we are living a really expensive lifestyle because we see so many great places, like museums,zoos, and historical sites. In reality we spend very little on our family fun. Playgrounds and capitol building tours are always free, which is why we visit them where ever we go.

Packing a lunch costs the same in a large house or in Washington DC. Yes, we have found the cost of goods is close to uniform across the country. So if something is a little more expensive in one place, then something else is probably a little cheaper. If you are the type to try to save a dime anytime it is possible, then it will be cheaper than for someone who spends without a worry. Since we are frugal travelers, who like to save money, we thought we would share some tips to save money while traveling America with kids

The reason it is almost impossible to answer the question how much does it costs to travel to every state in America is because it largely depends on the traveler.

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