Best Museums to Visit with Kids Near Oklahoma City

There are some great museums in the United States and Oklahoma City is no exception. If you are visiting the area with kids I highly recommend a visit to The Science Museum Oklahoma and Sam Noble Museum. These are in our opinion the best museums in Oklahoma City to visit if you have kids.

Science Museum Oklahoma

This is a very hands on museum within a very large building. If you have active children, and let’s face it they’re all active, this is a great place to go. There are definitely too many exhibits and displays to cover in this article so I will just highlight a few of the ones we really enjoyed while we were in this awesome Oklahoma City museum.

Climbing structures are always a big hit with kids and this place has two of them. One is designed to look like trees. It has slides, ramps and stairs, as well as air cannons. The cannons are up high and can be moved to shoot different targets, like CD’s and wind chimes dangling from the ceiling.

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A Family Explores Oklahoma’s State Capitol

The State Capitol of OklahomaAs a family we have traveled all over America, stopping to check out the capitol in each state. Visiting these places is a great way to learn about an area. We were able to explore Oklahoma’s State Capitol as a family, where we learned more about this unique state. It was a fun and educational way to spend an afternoon.

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Exploring Oklahoma’s National Parks with Kids

Oklahoma's National Parks

There are three National Park Service sites in the state of Oklahoma. Each one of Oklahoma’s National Parks provide a unique and interesting experience. They also provide a glimpse into the history of this unpredictable land.

Washita Battlefield National Historic Site

The National Park Visitor center at Washita

The visitors center in Washita is fairly new and is a great place to begin exploring the area. Watch the video shown here because it really explains it’s importance historically. Explore the museum, it is small, but does a great job showing what happened at the site.

Once you have finished drive down the road a short distance. There is a wonderful self guided walking tour of the battlefield. Make sure to grab the book available at the entrance to the trail. It will help you to understand the event that occurred at this site. Take turns reading it aloud as you walk the trail, there are numbers in the book that correlate with numbers along the trail.

Although what happened here was very tragic, it is an important part of American history. Children, as well as adults, can learn from our nations past mistakes. It is a beautiful landscape and once you see it you might understand why the Native American Tribes fought so hard to keep it natural. The trail is easy, our six year old had no problem walking the entire length.

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