Take a Family Trip to Dodge City, Kansas

Take a Family to Dodge KS
Take a Family Trip to Dodge City Kansas

If haven’t considered taking a trip to Kansas, it might be a good time to start. Despite the rumors that this state is flat, boring, and has nothing cool to see, my family found some really fun and interesting things to do while traveling through. One of the places we really enjoyed, and that I highly recommend exploring, is Dodge City. This historic town is an excellent mix of the Old West and modern. Here are some of the things to do and places to see on your next family trip to Dodge City, Kansas.

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4 Top Reasons to Visit Texas

Perhaps you’ve got a hankering to visit the wide open lands of Texas? Well, you’ll be sure to get your fix of good old country life. If you like line-dancing, rodeos, or horseback rides, you’re in for a real treat! Barbecue lovers won’t be disappointed with some of the best brisket or ribs you’ll ever get to try. Texas has plenty of charm for those of all ages; from kids to grandparents. Let’s jump in and look at some of the four top reasons to visit Texas.

4 Top Reasons to Visit Texas

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10 Reasons to Love Minnesota

Traveling through America takes us to some pretty amazing places. Every state in this beautiful country has something unique to offer. From beaches to forests, skyscrapers to historic sites, the US has it all. We often get asked “where is your favorite place?” This question is rather impossible to answer because we love so many places that we have been. Here are our 10 reasons to love Minnesota (not necessarily in order).

10 Reasons to Love Minnesota

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Mountains to Cross and Gems to Mine

I was born and raised in the mountains and have always felt a connection to them.

Although visiting the beaches of the Gulf coast was fun, I have been aching to see mountains again. The last time we were in the mountains was in Big Bend National Park before Christmas and to me that is a long time. The kids were a little surprised when we crested a hill and I saw mountains because I let out a joyous call. The forested hills of Georgia were very pretty, but these were mountains and I knew that soon we would be in the Great Smokey Mountains! Of course the kids were not as excite, until we visited the mine and then they flipped out too.

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