Planning a Family Vacation: 8 Ways to Save on Transportation

Transportation is probably the most expensive part of any vacation. Airfare, rental cars, taxis, ferry’s, these all cost money and when you have a family can become expensive quickly. There are plenty of ways to save money on the transportation piece of the vacation puzzle. Like Tiffany at Mommy And Me Travels says “saving money on transportation is like art; you must have patience and creativity.” Read these eight ways to save money on transportation that I have compiled from myself and several other experienced travelers from around the globe. Start saving so you can keep traveling!

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Planning a Family Vacation: 10 Tips For Selecting a Destination

A Family in Front of New York City. Planning a Family Vacation: 10 Tips for Selecting a Destination

With spring just around the corner, I know we are all ready for a vacation. Deciding on where to take the family for that perfect holiday isn’t always easy. There are many things to consider while pondering over the countless options out there. Over the next couple of weeks I will be providing you with some great tips, from myself and several other awesome travel writers, on planning a family vacation. This week we will provide you with 10 tips for selecting a destination that the whole family will love.

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Best Museums to Visit with Kids Near Oklahoma City

There are some great museums in the United States and Oklahoma City is no exception. If you are visiting the area with kids I highly recommend a visit to The Science Museum Oklahoma and Sam Noble Museum. These are in our opinion the best museums in Oklahoma City to visit if you have kids.

Science Museum Oklahoma

This is a very hands on museum within a very large building. If you have active children, and let’s face it they’re all active, this is a great place to go. There are definitely too many exhibits and displays to cover in this article so I will just highlight a few of the ones we really enjoyed while we were in this awesome Oklahoma City museum.

Climbing structures are always a big hit with kids and this place has two of them. One is designed to look like trees. It has slides, ramps and stairs, as well as air cannons. The cannons are up high and can be moved to shoot different targets, like CD’s and wind chimes dangling from the ceiling.

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Holiday Road

Something to be considered for people wanting to take their life on the road, especially those of us with young children, is how will the holidays be celebrated.  We are not a very religious family, but we do celebrate many traditional American holidays.  In our decision to take our life on the road we still wanted to provide our children with the fun and excitement of celebrating holidays along with their birthdays.  Although where we celebrate them and the ways in which we celebrate them will vary, it is great that we are still able to participate in them no matter where we happen to be.  We planned on being with grandparents for Christmas, but hadn’t really considered where we would be or how we would celebrate other holidays.  Birthdays on the road were also not something we had taken into consideration when planning this adventure.  It is hard to plan for everything, however; birthdays are not too difficult.  We just let the kids pick something unique, fun, and kid friendly in the area we plan to be for their birthday.  I still make them a cake or special treat and we get them a small gift, something useful or something they need, but mainly it’s about the experience.   Other holidays have taken a little more planning, but we always figure it out and so far it has always been fun and a new experience.  So with a little planning and a big sense of adventure holidays on the road have been fun and exciting!

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Tips on Visiting National Parks with your Family

The opportunity we have had to visit some of the most beautiful places in this country has been priceless. Going to national parks has somehow become a part of what we do. We had no idea when we started out on this crazy adventure that going to national parks was to become such an integral part of our whole experience. They are all so unique and amazing, each one is different and we are surprised to keep finding that we love all of them. Visiting them with our children has created some unforgettable memories for our entire family. Having our kids right there with us is not always easy, but totally worth every moment.

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