We Didn’t Hide Any Eggs, so it Was an April Fool’s Hunt

April Fool’s

I like a good joke, so when Easter fell on April first I knew I had to pull some stunt on the kids. I thought about hiding empty eggs, but realized they wouldn’t even know they were empty till after the egg hunt. So I just didn’t hide any eggs at all! I mentioned to them that there are 13 different forms of currency in the American money system from pennies and nickles to $100 dollar bills. Then told them they could keep what ever was in the eggs. Naturally they assumed that the eggs they were searching for each had a different piece of money in them. It was a frantic search for about ten minutes, then I broke the news to them. April Fool’s! They took it in stride and no one melted down on me. Trip did ask where the candy was, apparently he just thought they were the normal candy filled eggs. We had a good laugh over it and thought you might like to watch, so here is the raw video with some hunting taken out because who wants to watch 10 solid minutes of kids searching. Hope you like it.

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