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First of all if you are reading this than we would like to take the time to say thank you. Just by visiting our website and checking out our content you are helping us. If you really want to help us on our adventure than please share what you like with other people. All you have to do is use the share button and we will have a warm feeling and know that you care about us. And for those of you who are are gung ho, please comment where ever you feel like it on the page. Tell us you love the content, tell us you hate the content, just tell us anything. Writing this stuff is kinda like talking to yourself in the mirror, you can see someone is there but all the words are coming from one side. Not that we are complaining or anything, I mean how many people get the chance to visit every state in the country. We are very grateful to everyone who gave us encouragement from the beginning and to everyone who has helped us along the way!

So we have put off putting any ads on the website because we personally don’t care much for advertisements. As we came up on our first year on the road we realized that this adventure is going to take way longer than a single year to accomplish. We figure that it will take approximately three years to see the continental 48 states and then we somehow have to figure out Alaska and Hawaii. We tried affiliate marketing ads, but they don’t generate money unless you push products. Since we are a frugal family and we don’t buy tons of items, we don’t want to endlessly suggest products to our viewers. I thought that affiliate marketing was better than just posting a Paypal link like this

Turns out that affiliate marketing is close to just posting up a Paypal link anyways. So how could we get sponsorship without having to sell products? Then I stumbled upon Patreon, which allows users to subscribe to get extra content. If you like our free content then you can keep looking at it on the website or on Patreon, but if you want some behind the scene stuff or direct contact with us then you can get it. We will be putting up the high quality photos we normally reserve to sell, though we will retain all usage rights. It is all new though so we shall see how it goes and adjust accordingly. If you want to check out the Patreon site, just click the link below. You can look around without becoming a patron just to see what it is all about.
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There are also plans to start allowing people to buy prints of our photography now that we have hundreds of excellent pictures (yes without us in them). I will be working on this going forward. We would like to sell small RV sized calender’s, but it might take us a second to arrange all the details with a manufacturer. Bear with us and we will keep you posted.

Finally, we would like to thank you just for reading our content. That alone makes all the work worth while and it helps to motivate us to keep writing. We love paying it forward though and if you are just starting out, don’t hesitate to ask us questions about life on the road as a parent. Helping others has it’s own rewards and we always enjoy when we can help other travelers out.

If you help us out know that we will appreciate it and you will be helping us with our dream.


Chris Bloomfield

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