Sunburst RV Resort

We rarely mention RV parks that we stay at on our blog, but the Sunburst RV Resort was so spectacular that we just have to talk about it. Although the pool was closed when we visited, the hot tub was still open so we took advantage of it, twice. After a long day on the road it was nice to soak away the stress. As an added bonus we met a nice couple from New York that we hit it off with. They met us again when we visited the hot tub a second time and they also loved the park. Both of our groups have extensive travel experience and we know it can be hard to find a great camp site. Although it was a bit of a drive to visit Pensacola from the park, it was well worth it because the manager truly cared about the people in the park. She was working non-stop to please someone the entire time we were there, yet she still found time to help the kids make hiking sticks and survival bracelets. She provided the materials and spent a few hours on two occasions doing crafts with the kids. Of all the campsites we have visited, she is the only host that we invited to dinner! The park was spotless and everything was in tip top shape, even the two swimming pools. This place was just amazing and if you are ever in the area, we recommend wholeheartedly that you spend sometime here. It is a short drive to the beach, the Naval Aviation Museum, the Gulf Island National Seashore and more. Our neighbor at the park was from Cape Cod and seemed super happy with the park. Yes when everyone at the park is smiling and in a good mood you know management is doing something right. Trish is a super star and one of the nicest managers we have met on the road! Good work needs to be called out and people like her that go above and beyond the call of duty are rare.

If you are ever in the Milton Florida area check out this park!

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