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Check out some of the stuff we have found useful.

In our shop we will share with you the items we use. These are things that we find make a life of full time travel easier. Some of it we use daily some of it only once in a while, but if it’s here we like it and use it. Everyone is different and so are their RV’s so some of this might not be for you. It has worked for us and it just might give you some ideas.

We also want to share our photography of some of the amazing places we have seen and our Etsy store too. So click on a link, check out what we’ve got, and if you want to buy something great. It will help us to continue our adventure and we will really appreciate it too. So thanks for following our state by state adventure and we hope you find this stuff helpful.


Our photography is our own and is not to be used or reproduced without permission. The Etsy store consists of products made by us or our relatives/ friends. We have not received any of these products for free and we only recommend something if we truly love it. We are Amazon affiliates and do receive a small commission from purchases made here.

Upon moving into our travel trailer We Minimized……..Sort Of by getting rid of stuff.

Stuff. Stuff. Stuff. Life is full of material processions and we were happy to get rid of most of ours. It struck us as very funny when we found our selves buying new things when we moved into our travel trailer. Although it wasn’t nearly as much stuff, we still thought it very ironic that we were trading old items for travel trailer items!

The thing is though, we did need certain things. Stuff that is more conducive to living in a travel trailer. It is a much smaller space with many different needs to be met. We have found certain things to be very useful as well as necessary to this lifestyle.


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