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IMAG0791 (1)If you are planning to go to Salt Lake City be prepared to pay a premium for your stay. Normally we try to find a good compromise between the low cost camp sites and the really pricey nice camp sites. In Salt Lake City there was very little choice and none of them were inexpensive to a family with a travel trailer. If we were tent camping again, we would have had several options for staying low cost. In our trailer though it was high dollar or hours away. Originally we were thinking of staying right on the great salt lake, but then we figured out that the peninsula had a toll and we would have to pay it each way! So we looked at all the resorts in town and decided on one north of the capital that was slightly less expensive. After driving all day we were informed it was $65 a night to stay at the place we had chosen. I was on the verge of going somewhere else, but we had already looked into the situation and knew that there was no where else decent to go. While we debated taking one of the last spots, people and lined up behind us with their motorhomes and travel trailers! We decided to bite the bullet and just pay for the space, but only for two nights instead of three. The shift changed and Sarah was able to get us in for only $45 a night with the new worker. I guess we got lucky too because by the time we pulled into the camp, there was five people behind us trying to find a site.

We quickly have figured out that resort camping is not our cup of tea. The sites are easy to pull into, have full hookups included cable (which we never use), and there is usually a pool and rec room. We prefer to hang out in nature IMAG0878 (1)and a parking lot with a tiny stripe of grass isn’t quite the same. Like we normal we make do though and just try to make the best of it. While walking on a bike trail next to the resort, we were informed by other guests that there was a beaver in the river. After sitting next to the river for twenty minutes we finally were able to observe the beaver having its dinner. Since the photos were not great quality and we were unable to zoom in far enough, we decided to purchase a better camera in the near future. It was amazing getting to see the beaver though and we will always have our memory of it. Usually we are staying at a resort to have quick access to the capital or a large city, so it all works out in the end.

IMAG0836 (1)The capital at Salt Lake City is a large building that is gorgeous, but hard to get to. Outside has impressive lion statues and a large fountain with statues scattered all around. Inside it has beautiful paintings of the westward expansion by colonists and a theme of honey bee hives which we thought was really cool. Since it was a state holiday when we went to the capital we didn’t have a tour guide, so Sarah stepped up and used the self guided tour pamphlet to give us a tour. I think her next job should be tour guide somewhere because she was a natural at it and did a thorough job of teaching us some things while we wandered around.IMAG0808 (1) The second floor of the capital building had art and statues including one of Philo Farnsworth the inventor of television. I personally enjoyed the hand carved bison, but there were so many neat IMAG0812 (1)statues and pieces of art it felt like we were visiting an art gallery or museum.


IMAG0807 (1)IMAG0782 (1) IMAG0786 (1) IMAG0804

Our next stop was Salt Lake City’s Natural History Museum. I have been to a bunch of museums over the years, but this place had more dinosaurs then every other museum I had been put together! The full size long neck was so large that it was impossible to get a picture of the whole thing. There were other floors too with a variety of displays from biology, geology, native culture, genetics and more! We had a blast looking everywhere and would recommend anyone visiting Salt Lake City to take a day to visit this educational site. IMAG0856 (1)IMAG0851 (1)




IMAG0884 (1)
The kids were blown away by the Bonneville Salt Flats. Trip kept telling me it was snowy outside while we were driving and it took him a minute to realize that it was salt when he walked on it.


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2 thoughts on “Salt Lake City”

  1. Hey you guys! I’m so glad to hear that you are doing so well! Although I have to ask, why are you suddenly in Utah when you were all back in the Midwest a ways? I’ve been trying to keep up on your posts but maybe I missed something… anyhow Iam so glad to hear you’re all having a good time! Will you be coming down to southern Utah here anytime soon? If you’ll do let me know as I’d love to see you! Things are going all right for me down here, although this single adult life is taking a bit of getting used to. I feel like I’ve been on a dead run for the last month or more. Working four to six days a week has been a good learning experience for me and I’ll admit it is taking a lot of getting used to, and it’s been hard to not have as much free time as I’d like. I brought 25 of my chickens down with me to St. George and it’s been such a blessing to have them here with me! It’s taken us a little while to get used to the heat down here and due to the stress of the heat, and of moving, a number of my birds got sick. I actually have a rooster in my room with me right now as he really got hit hard by something.
    Hope all continues to go well for y’all, have fun and God bless!
    Jeremy Davidson.

    • Hi Jeremy, we are very glad to hear from you, even if your move has been a little rough. Getting used to a new environment definitely can take its toll. We purchased our travel trailer in Ohio, so we took time to see a few states before we headed back to Nevada to register it. The cub scout group was surprised when we showed up for a meeting so soon after leaving! We are currently in Montana and will be heading down the coast in the coming months. We were able to see northern Utah, but were saving southern for around November. It would be awesome if we could get to see you on our way through. Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon are some of the areas down there we want to visit. I can’t say when, since we live week to week and don’t have concrete plans so we can have total freedom. It has worked out though because Sarah saw Craters of the Moon national park on a map and we decided on a whim to visit it. Amazing doesn’t even come close to describing the park! We would be in southern Utah sometime between October and December though. We will let you know when we are getting close!
      Chris Bloomfield


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