Must-Visit Places in New York City

Must-Visit Places in New York City

As a city that ranks highly on many people’s travel bucket list, you’ll find a number of must-visit places in New York City. In fact, around 60 million people travel to this amazing city each and every year. Once you visit, it’s not hard to see why tourists flock here year round. This bustling city is a hub of excitement, with an overwhelming amount of things to see and do. If you have limited time on your trip to the Big Apple, you’re going to want to plan carefully and prioritize your must-visit places in New York City. This ensures you make it to your top picks. Here are a few things you’re sure to want to add to your must-visit list!

The Statue of Liberty

When you’re in New York City, you just have to see the Statue of Liberty. Tourists travel from all over the world to see this sight alone. It’s a symbol of not only New York City but also of the United States. Park ranger-led tours take place almost every day of the year. These tours can last between two and three hours. This means, you don’t have to commit a full day to this sight. Instead, you can check it out, and then get on to the next attraction! Make sure you arrive early, or book in advance to avoid long waits. If you’re traveling with your luggage, you can find luggage storage in New York City where you can drop your bags off. This means, you won’t have to carry them around with you.

The Statue of Liberty overlooking the New York City Skyline

The Empire State Building

If you want the best view of New York City, head to the Empire State Building. Not only is this a famous attraction in its own right, but it also has the highest observation deck in all of New York City. The deck is on the 86th floor and goes around the entire building, so you get great views of the entire city. This is another one of the must-visit places in New York City that you should get your tickets in advance, as waits can be long.

The Iconic Empire States Building in New York City

For those who don’t want to go to the top, this building also looks impressive from the ground. Just walking by it can make you stop and stare in awe. At night, the building is lit up. So when you’re out after dark, make sure you get a look at it.

Central Park Is One of the Must-Visit Places in New York City

Kids in Central Park New York  City

Central Park is a world-renowned park that’ appeared in a number of famous movies and TV shows. The park is huge, so you won’t be able to explore it all during your trip, but it’s definitely worth visiting at least once while you’re in the city. It’s the perfect place to experience no matter what time of year you visit, whether it’s in the spring when things are in bloom, in summer when the sun is warm, during fall when the leaves are changing, or to see it covered in snow in the winter. You’re bound to see beautiful landscapes no matter when you visit.

If you’re traveling with children, stop by one of the many playgrounds scattered throughout the park. Some have splash pads where kids can cool off if it’s hot, or bring a picnic to enjoy when everyone gets hungry. One of the must-see sights that kids and adults alike enjoy is the visitors center that’s built like a castle. Take the stairs to the top to get a view of Central Park from above.

Kids playing in Central Park

Times Square and Broadway

Chances are you’ve seen Times Square on television. It’s a busy and bright place to go. You’ll see the iconic stacked billboard ads and yellow taxi cabs. This is also the space you want to head to if you’re going to fit a Broadway show into your trip. Buy your a ticket to a world-class performance and enjoy a night in the lively atmosphere.

New York City really is a top travel destination. So if you’re visiting, you’re bound to have a great time. Use this information as a guide to ensure you make it to all these must-visit places in New York City!

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Must-Visit Places in New York City

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