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We are not your typical family, since we travel all over America looking for educational adventures. Tiny houses are the trend right now and we are leading the movement for less stuff and more experiences. Our website has helpful articles for people wanting to join the lifestyle, destination articles helping anyone who travels, and some of our personal story mixed in.

We are very open to sponsorship, partnerships, advertising, television and consulting work. Traveling full time takes an open mind, so if you have an idea about working with us, just use the contact info at the bottom of the page to let us know.

Who Are We?

As a family we have traveled since July 2016 and our journey has taken us to 44 states. The trip has been more than 50,000 miles! Our kids just happen to be named Miles, Journey, and Trip.

Chris started studying graphic arts in high school and college. Since then he has owned an art company and used his computer skills in every job he has worked at. He has experience as a videographer and photographer as well. The technology side of the website is his forte and he takes care of all the routine maintenance required.

Sarah has always had an eye for detail and is in charge of writing all the great articles on our website. For the last three years she has written many great articles for, other websites, and a children’s book. She currently works as an online editor as well. Her artistic side has really flourished on this adventure and she has become a wonderful photographer too.

Teamwork is an integral part of our values. We both work well as a team on any project we undertake and strive for excellence in everything we do.

Our Demographic

State By State is targeted towards families who travel or want to travel. However it also attracts a wide readership of average people wishing to live vicariously through our adventure or who are planning their family vacation.

The demographics for range broadly in age between 18-64. Although our website is targeted towards families, we still have lots of single people or couples visiting the website daily. A large portion of our visitors are using a hand held device and our website uses an adaptive theme to provide a great experience no matter what kind of device is used.

A large portion of our audience is in the United States (71%). We also receive regular visitors from France (11%), Germany (5.5%), and India (3%). Other countries  which attract a consistent viewership include Brazil, Philippines, Canada, Australia, and Ukraine.

So what will You get?


  • Our readers trust us. It has taken time and honesty to develop that trust. Since they trust our judgement, they will often plan their travel, accommodations and activities based on our reviews and suggestions. This stems from our honest views, which cannot be bought. Of course we have loved pretty much everything we have done on our adventure and rarely have a bad experience.
  • We will also share reviews on Google Maps of the places we visit. Being a level 7 Local Guide makes our reviews stand out. Plus we will generally fix any errors in hours or location. If the business isn’t listed on Google we will even add the location, something that Google would normally charge a business for.


  • We don’t just slap together an article, we take pride in creating high quality content. This helps ensure the content will be shared and makes your brand/destination look it’s best. We use high quality camera equipment and then edit the photos professionally afterwards. Thus ensuring they look great and don’t slow down load times.
  • Our professional photographs are featured on our social media feeds and within posts on our website. Since we are taking the photos at your request, we allow a Creative Commons license to our photography, which means your company is more than welcome to use these for promotions. In addition, if you request before hand, we will even send you some high quality shots to use commercially as well.


  • Full coverage of any trips we take (or your product) on our blog. Including written articles, social media posts, and possibly even video.
  • We will put your equipment or review multiple places on our website, which increases visibility and it makes sure your content isn’t hard to find. Plus we will promote each piece of the puzzle to your target audience, further increasing it’s reach.

Website Statistics

These statistics are from April 2019, tracked through Jetpack.

Contact us for further and more in depth statistics.

  • Monthly Visitors: 2381
  • Page-views: 5074
  • Subscribers: 1589 to website
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 124
  • Domain Authority: 25
  • Page Authority: 29

Social Media Statistics

Our followers are highly engaged and organic. These numbers are fluid and we continue to see growth daily. These are the numbers as of Aug 2018.

Partnership Opportunities

Advertising/Sponsored Posts:

We offer a range of options from sponsored social media promotions, to direct advertisement sponsored posts. Just let us know what you are thinking because we are always open to discussing long term partnerships, especially if you are interested in bringing us on as Brand Ambassadors. Rates are available upon request.

Press and Social Media Trips:

The adventure is why we blog. Depending on the destination/trip value, we are open to both paid and in-kind press trip partnerships that focus on travel, cultural immersion, and nature/wildlife.

Product Reviews:

We love reviewing travel related products/services on our website. If you would like to have your product featured, we accept sponsored reviews. Such reviews will include links back to your website along with appropriate photos and will be promoted across our social media accounts. Then the posts will remain in our archives. Our views expect our honesty and so we are upfront and transparent about sponsored reviews and we reserve the right to write honestly about your product.

Freelance Content:

If you would love to have us write for you, it would be our pleasure. Help your brand tell a story and make it easy on yourself. We not only write, but we edit professionally. Contact us if you would like us to write some high quality content for you or edit any of your work before posting it up.

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