The Lifestyle- Full Time Travel with Three Kids

Changing our lifestyle has been incredible!

One day we decided that we didn’t want a “normal lifestyle.”  That going to work for someone else, stressing about paying bills, and sending our children off to school all day just wasn’t for us.  So we got an idea.  Maybe we should buy an RV and just travel around for a while.  It turns out it was the best decision we have ever made!

Sure it has had it’s ups and downs.  It hasn’t always been easy.  But real life isn’t always up nor is it always easy.  The lifestyle we have now allows for us to be together as a family.  Learning, playing, and everything in between we get to do together.

Let our experiences help you in changing your lifestyle.

We know there are many people that are considering the same choice and we want to share what we have learned.  Click the categories below to let us share our experiences with you.  By writing what we have learned and the challenges we have had we hope that we can make it easier for you.


We are not lifestyle experts.

As a family we have been traveling full time in our travel trailer for more than a year and we love it.  This does not necessarily mean that you will love it.  We only want to share what we have learned with others.  It is our recommendation that you do lots of research and talk to others before deciding if this lifestyle is for you.  I hope that you find our articles helpful and feel free to ask us questions or leave us comments.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our articles.  If you find them helpful or informative please share them with others.  If we have made a mistake let us know.  Don’t forget to join us so you can stay up to date and informed.

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