Keeping it Simple: Tips on Traveling Overseas With Kids

Are you considering adding a little more of an international flavor to your vacation? Perhaps you want to try traveling overseas with kids? While taking a holiday in any of the United States is more than worthwhile, an occasional trip abroad can make kids more culturally aware and it allows them to be immersed in different cultures, even if it is just for a little while. When taking a trip overseas with smaller children, things aren’t as simple as they might have been back in those childless days.

Now, you need to consider how the kids will handle a long flight and what sort of activities you can do together as a family. How will you keep them entertained during the time you are abroad? You will likely be participating in may activities, but it is important to plan in some downtime. Kids need time to have free play or do quiet activities in a comfortable environment. Take a look at this simple guide to traveling overseas with kids. If you do nothing else, always try to keep it simple.

 Tips on Traveling Overseas With Kids

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Packing For Traveling Overseas With Kids

When it comes to packing, don’t ever try and pack your kids clothing and gadgets in with your own luggage. This will only result in an unwieldy, mammoth-size suitcase on wheels. You won’t want to take it anywhere other than to the hold of a plane or the luggage compartment of a coach. Instead, give your kids their own set of luggage. This not only creates a more manageable suit case for you, it also gives them a sense of autonomy. Especially if you let them pack some of it themselves (make sure you check that they got all the important stuff, of course).

Pick a suitcase that is easier for your child to carry than this one was!

Rather than opting for a hard-backed suitcase, go for a front loading backpack. These pieces of luggage are much more mobile, user friendly, and comfortable to transport. Kids love having the responsibility of packing their own gear and will enjoy having their own holdall to look after. Keep it at a manageable weight and you’ll even be able to take it as a carry-on into the plane. This makes check-in so much easier with kids in tow.

Keeping Them Busy

There will be times when traveling overseas with kids that you have some downtime. In fact, you really need to plan in downtime if you want to enjoy your trip. Unfortunately, these are the moments when your kids may choose to misbehave. This is not because they’re intentionally trying to be naughty, but because they’re bored. Even though they need downtime, it can be difficult to find things to entertain themselves away from home. Try to discourage this by always having activities available that will keep their minds active.

There’s no harm in using the internet to let the kids watch a YouTube video or play a game on their smartphone. It’s also nice if they can catch up with friends at home on Facebook using their tablet. It will help them if they feel homesick or if they are having a hard day. Sites like will keep you connected if you happen to be enjoying the sites of Paris. Alternatively, you could use your roaming, but this may cost more money in the long run. If you’re living it up on the Amalfi Coast of Italy or you’re heading to the beaches of Goa, the last thing you want to worry about is roaming fees.

If letting your kids loose on the internet isn’t your family’s thing, ensure you have other options to help them pass the time when you’re not busy exploring. Travel games, some books, paper and pencils, and healthy snacks are all great ways to distract the kids. If your little one is starting to whine, there’s a good chance they’ll stop for something to munch on.

 Tips on Traveling Overseas With Kids; Don't let them just sit being bored during the flight or they will more than likely cause trouble.


You can find a variety of child-friendly accommodations by checking out specialist sites that will search a range of options based on your kid-friendly criteria. Just because you are used to staying in hostels doesn’t mean your kids will appreciate this type of accommodation. Instead, you should opt for reputable hotels or campsites with solid reputations and positive reviews. Your kid’s safety is paramount, so ensure that, when traveling overseas with kids, your accommodations live up to your expectations.


Having kids doesn’t mean you have to stay in the most luxurious hotels. Additionally, you don’t necessarily want to stay in the lowest cost places either. It might take some research, but even when traveling overseas with kids, you can find great accommodations at a reasonable price

Traveling overseas with kids can be stressful. There are many things you have to plan for and trying to anticipate every situation is overwhelming. Follow these simple tips and you will find your overseas adventure with the family a less stressful prospect.

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