The Plan

MSarahy family and I are planning to soon embark on a grand adventure. To some our idea would be scary and uncertain, but to us not doing so seems the scarier choice. We bought our home 3 years ago today, and since then it has gone up in value a great deal. So we will sell it. This is when our adventure will begin. The plan: buy a travel trailer and explore the USA.

Experiences. That is what life is really about (to me anyway). What better way to do it than to see the country together as a family. My children are home schooled and I feel that this adventure will give them knowledge, experiences, and an education they could never receive sitting in a classroom or even in our living room. There are many reasons we want to do this, but that is a big one.

There has already been much planning and learning we have put into into this plan. We began to consider this idea when we realized how much money we could take away from the sale of our home. My husband has not been very content with his job for years and I have never loved the area we live in. We don’t hate it but we never loved it either. So why stick around? But there is also the question of where do we go from here? We have not been to many parts of the country, mostly the west coast and a short time in the south, so it is difficult to say for sure where we want to end up. So what better way to decide than to see it all. Our goal is to find somewhere we can really be happy and love living or maybe we like the nomad life so much we just keep going, who knows where life may take us.

The planning of this whole adventure has been important to us, we are not the type to just jump into things. So far we have been researching, researching, researching, and a little more researching! There is a lot to think of before we embark. Of course selling our home has been looked into, buying a new vehicle that can tow a trailer and comfortably fit our family of five, the trailer itself of course has been a major part, how much we might save versus how much it will cost, selling off our stuff, and many other odds and ends as well. The more we plan the better we feel our experience will be, and the more we get excited about this adventure as well.


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