Gallery Two

Mushrooms are fascinating and the kids love pointing them out to us where ever they see them.

There is something about the forest that draws us to it. Maybe it is the primordial smells of earth and trees, or the abundance of wildlife just around a corner. What ever the cause, we love hiking in the woods, where we often see mushrooms. Along the way we spot squirrels, insects and birds.  Occasionally we are lucky enough to spot a bear or some other large mammal. Everywhere the forest is teaming with life and we are enthralled with it.

After taking lots of pictures of mushrooms, we dug out the best of them for you to check out and purchase.

There is one thing that we always get excited to see; fungi. Yes mushrooms rate very high with us because they are so essential to the cycles of the forest.  On our travels we have taken photographs of mushrooms from coast to coast. Every time we see one of these unique specimen we get excited. So without further ado here are fifteen of our favorite mushrooms. Feel free to purchase prints or request to download them, just hurry we are only going to have this gallery up for a limited time.


These were our favorite pictures of fungi, but who knows what crazy one we will see next hike. If you liked this gallery and ordered a photograph, we appreciate your business. Want to help pick what our next gallery has in it? Just comment your suggestion below. We already have tens of thousands of photos and are always on the look out for more. Figuring out what to include in the gallery is just as difficult as picking the best pictures to put in it!


A Closer View, New Jersey

Two of a Kind, Catskills New York

Large Colony, Silver Falls Oregon

Striped, Congaree South Carolina


Under a Bush, Glacier Montana

A Beautiful Shade of Black, Catskills New York

In Perfect Shape, Catskills New York

Trying To Hide, New Jersey

I Rise Alone, Catskills New York

A Family of Mushrooms, Catskills New York

Not Very Clean, New Jersey

In A Stump, Catskills New York


The Bright Log, Catskills New York

Under a Fern, Catskills New York


A Happy Log, Silverfalls Oregon









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