Full- Time RV Life With Kids: Easter Ideas

When you live in less than 400 square feet, the last thing you need is more stuff. We all want to celebrate the holidays though. So, how do we make holidays special while trying not to accumulate more stuff? Read this list of great Easter ideas for anyone trying to limit the stuff and maximize the fun!

Three kids with the Easter Bunny

Unique Easter Basket Ideas

Get creative with your Easter ideas for Easter baskets this year. After all, how many Easter baskets can one RV really use? If you put your kids Easter morning treats inside something useful, it makes it so much more exciting. The basket becomes part of the fun when its more than just a basket. Here are some cool ideas for unique Easter baskets you can use.

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1. Sun Hats

A cute sun hat makes a great place to put all those Easter goodies. This is a terrific idea that works easily for both boys and girls alike. Everyone can use a nice sun hat and with summer coming, it’s the perfect time to start gearing up. Make sure you look for a good quality hat that will stand up to the rugged play your child is sure to be doing this season. If you get them one in a vibrant, bold design, you won’t even have to fight to get them to wear it!

2. Sand Buckets

If you travel much, like we do, you probably find yourself near water frequently and where there’s water, there’s usually sand. This is why we have used sand buckets as Easter baskets more than once. Sand buckets make awesome Easter baskets because they are dual purpose and we all know that in a small space, dual purpose is the only way to go. Sand buckets can be used to gather up all those brightly colored eggs on Easter morning, then, they can become useful for making a sand masterpiece on your next beach trip. Our kids are always using their buckets around camp too.

Two kids super happy to get sand buckets for Easter.

3. Collapsible Buckets

This one is something every RV needs anyway. So, why not give one as a gift or better yet, a gift filled with Easter surprises. Collapsible buckets work perfectly for Easter baskets because you can make it any size you need it to be. It’s also pretty cool because you can adjust the size for kids of varying ages when they are out collecting their Easter eggs.

4. Reusable Grocery Bags

We all need to get better about remembering to use our reusable grocery bags, right? The more of these Eco-friendly bags you have, the more likely you will be to use them. By using them as a way to give out your kids’ Easter treats, you can provide a fun way to discover those surprises on Easter morning and do something good for the environment too. Many stores offer these bags for a very reasonable price and in some great colors and styles as well. Check your local store to see whats available.

5. Small Mesh Bags

Opening a bag when you don’t know what’s inside is fun no matter who you are. There is an element of suspense until you find out exactly what that bag is concealing. A small mesh bag makes a great Easter basket because kids will be dying to open it to see what it contains. The small holes will provide only an idea to what surprises await. These bags can also be used later to store things like laundry or stuffed animals. Plus, they can fold up for easy storage when not in use.

6. Small Storage Bin/Container

We use small bins with lids for everything in our RV. They make perfect containers to store just about anything. Of course, we have kids. This means that things get broken (all the time!). Including, amazingly enough, our storage bins. So, by using these amazing little containers as Easter baskets, we not only find a unique way to give out Easter morning goodies, we replace a valuable part of our storage container family. An Easter idea you can really use.

What to Put Inside

I’m sure that everyone has a different Easter idea for what to put in the basket. Our ideas about this have definitely changed since we decided to live in our RV full-time. However, I think there are two main things that we all put in the basket: edible treats and cool stuff. Check out some of these ideas for what to put inside their Easter basket this year.

An Easter Bucket: Easter Ideas for the Full-time RV Life.

Edible Treats

We aren’t big on letting our kids eat unlimited amounts of candy all day long, but sometimes, there are exceptions to every rule. While we don’t just let the kids eat themselves sick, they are allowed a little more freedom on Easter morning (yes, they eat candy, in the morning). We just don’t go crazy with the candy in their Easter baskets. This makes our job so much easier.

Some of the candy options I choose because they come in a variety of flavors or are easy to use as a basket stuffer. Those carrot shaped bags filled with Reeses Pieces are festive and plenty for one child to consume on their own. Pez are another great option, they come in tons of cute dispensers and a variety of flavors too. You can choose out a pack of their favorite candy or those movie boxes of candy work excellent as well.

Other types of food can be used that kids will still love discovering inside their baskets. Easter Bunny food like carrots, apples, or other fruits and vegetables your child enjoys, can be just as exciting as candy when they think a bunny left it for them. Granola bars, applesauce, those little cartons of Goldfish Crackers, and popcorn all make great non-candy Easter ideas for inside those creative baskets.

Cool Stuff

There are lots of Easter ideas out there for cool stuff to put in your kids’ Easter baskets this year, but more is not always better. Try putting in only things that will get consumed or that your kids can actually use. I know, that bunny puzzle is really cute and the little stuffed chick is just adorable, but do they really need those things? Do you really need those things on the floor of your RV?

When you live in a small space it’s always best to find items that are useful or dual purpose. This holds true even for holidays. When you’re outside as much as we are, things like squirt guns, water balloons, bubbles, and sand toys are kind of a necessity. They make great gifts in Easter baskets. Being around the water more often means the kids need things like swim goggles and reusable water bottles. These things often need to be replaces as we all know kids tend to “forget” things occasionally (or, in some cases, every time you go somewhere).

Alright, so we talked about the outdoor stuff, but as full-time RVers, there’s also the driving days. Kids need things to do in the car on travel days. Our kids go through paper and books while we are driving. So, of course, we try to keep them supplied with books, a sketch pad or journal, stickers, and games. These all work great as basket stuffers. Bonus idea for travel families is a flashlight. My kids go through flashlights like crazy.

Easter Ideas For Making Great Memories

The holidays are all about making great memories with the family. This is why we always try to find something awesome to do with the kids no matter where we are in the country. There are really cool events happening all over the country and most of them are free. One year, we found a museum that had free admission and offered the kids an Easter scavenger hunt in which they won little prizes for each one they found. It was a cool museum and the event was a blast.

Another year we attended an event with music, games, and a huge Easter egg hunt, we even got the kids picture with the Easter Bunny. We got out and were a part of the community, met the locals, and the kids got to have fun! The other part of the equation is spending quality time together. It’s always nice when our holiday camp is a peaceful one. A place we can BBQ and sit around the campfire after a busy day of activities.

Traditional Easter Egg hunts are fun for the kids!
Full Time RV Life Easter Ideas Pin

Whether you live in a big space or a small one these Easter ideas can help you minimize the stuff and maximize the fun. Make great memories together and enjoy every moment. Happy Easter!

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  1. Oh yes, I think using a cute, reusable container (or hat! I love the idea of the hat) is a great idea. We got a cute basket this year, but oftentimes, I do what you suggested and it always works out great!


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