First disaster

DSCN4458Up until this point in our adventure we have been pretty lucky and had very little go wrong. A few missed turns and an ear ache have been the only real negative things to happen. When we went to break camp in Pleasant Lake Michigan we had a serious disaster happen.

Everything was going very smooth with the hitch up procedure and both Sarah and I were thinking that it was going very fast. Then we backed up to get off the leveling chocks. That was when we realized our major error; we didn’t raise the electric jack! Since it was still on the ground it bent the tube that extends to the ground. I tried to take the jack off so we could leave to buy another, but the bend in the metal tubing made it impossible to take off.

Life has a way of resolving itself though and fate saved us on that day. Our neighbor was a nice man from a few miles away who quickly became our hero. I had befriended him the night before when he asked me to keep an eye on his fire while he ran home to get more firewood. When he returned he gave us enough wood for a roaring fire for the night. In the mornings we said our goodbyes until we damaged our jack and were stuck. Then he jumped in and saved the day for us. He helped me work on getting the hitch off and went home to get a come along to pry the bar straight enough to take off. He also helped soothe our mental wounds with stories about both him and his brother doing the same thing.

This incident was difficult and humbling to say the least, but it was also  uplifting. It restored my faith in humanity which was in a desperate state after all that has happened in the last few years. Because of our neighbor stepping in and helping us, we only had to pay for a new electric jack. The owner of the RV parts dealer took pity on me and gave me $50 off, so the total cost was only $150. A bad incident for sure, but it could have been much worse. My father always taught me that everyone makes mistakes and that it is ok, but we should learn from those mistakes. Only time will tell if we learned to hitch up properly everytime, but doubting the goodness of mankind is one mistake I won’t make again. A few bad apples don’t spoil the batch as long as you take the bad apples out of your life!

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