Family Fun Things To Do In Jackson Mississippi

Sitting on a bench in the Jackson State CapitolOur travels have taken us to many amazing places and we have seen some interesting things along the way. Mississippi was no exception. LaFleur’s Bluff State Park was a very convenient place to stay while visiting the Jackson area.

Natural state of Mississippi.

The park’s location is close to everything yet has nature all around. A spot right on the water provided some wonderful views of wildlife. A near by nature trail through the park is an easy mile long hike to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. If you are paying attention you might experience some natural science along the way. Alligators, herons, and some interesting insects are just a few of the things we observed on the trail.

If you visit this museum I am sure you will enjoy the dinosaur exhibit. There is a rare dinosaur bone on display, which was found in the state. It has a very interesting story to go along with it. The kids will enjoy the dinosaur simulator, where you experience life as a dinosaur. There was so much to learn about the Eco-systems of Mississippi and you will leave with a much better understanding of this state.

Learning new things is a big part of our adventure through America, but along the way we also get to see some some really cool stuff. In the museum we saw and learned about many of the invasive species that have been introduced in Mississippi. Of course, not all of the strange things are out of place there. One of the craziest things we saw there (and maybe anywhere so far) was the two headed snake! It was found on a farm in the state and later donated to the museum when it survived past a few weeks.

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A capitol at Christmas.

Touring state capitols is a free way to learn about the history of a state. The parking isn’t always free, but in Jackson it was! It was during the Christmas season that we were visiting and the building was decorated beautifully for the holiday. We enjoyed our tour and learning many interesting facts about the building and the state. We even got a chance to meet Greg Haney, a member of the House of Representatives. He was so nice and took the time to speak with us abut our adventure and the wonderful state of Mississippi.

One of the best parts of this adventure has been the great people we get to meet along the way. Our tour guide was awesome and very informative. Greg Haney was the first House of Representatives member we have met and took the time to answer all the kids questions. It was a great experience and one we won’t soon forget.

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This state capitol building in Jackson has some beautiful architecture.

We got to take a ride in an old Pullman elevator complete with it’s own operator. There was stained glass throughout the building. The dome had a small cupola that was stained glass and therefore is something you just have to see for yourself. Both the House and the Senate also had smaller stained glass domes. There were marble columns that were amazing throughout the entire building as well. After touring 35 of these we still enjoy them.

Every state we visit has a new experience for us. If you keep an open mind and a positive attitude, then anywhere you go will be a great experience. Take the time to meet new people and do new things. I hope that you get to visit the great state of Mississippi or maybe you already have. Leave us a comment about somewhere awesome you have been.

A Two Headed Snake



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11 thoughts on “Family Fun Things To Do In Jackson Mississippi”

  1. Alligators and herons while you’re on the trail, so cool! I would also love to see the dinosaur exhibit at the museum. Jackson Mississippi sounds like a pretty cool place to explore, thanks for the tips.

  2. The word Mississippi always fires my imagination as I associate it with one of my favourite classics, Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.Jackson has so many sights and experiences. The Natural history museum is something that we would love, especially the Dinosaur exhibits. The Capitol of course seems to be an exquisite example of art and architecture.

  3. Jackson Mississippi seems to have plenty to offer. A visit to the natural science museum – watching largest bone of Dinosaur; and double head snake ๐Ÿ will be my husbands favourite to do things. I will surely love Dinosaur simulator. During Christmas the whole place might have been glowing.

  4. What I like about US is that there are so many national parks that you are never very far from one or so it would appear. Full marks for your photos!

  5. Who knew there were so many different things to do in Jackson? Seeing dinosaur bones at the natural history museum would be fun. The two-headed snake would totally freak me out! Love an old Pullman elevator, they remind me of an elegant time when people dressed up to go shopping.

  6. Reading your post I can say with confidence that Jackson Mississippi is an ideal place for family fun. But man seeing that double headed snake is so scary. I would never go close to it. i would love to check Capitol or christmas.

  7. Indeed a lot of fun experiences for the kids (and kids at heart too). The dinosaur simulator sounds very interesting.. Iโ€™m sure kids (and adults like us who loves pre-historic animals) will surely be enthusiastic experiencing that. The two headed snake is very peculiar indeed too.

  8. I never knew there were such interesting things to do around Jackson! The Museum of Natural Science would be such an interesting visit, as hubby absolutely love dinosaurs. And if there’s a dinosaur simulator, he’d definitely be in for a ride!

  9. I would love to check out the archiecture in the state building. It does look amazing. Never been to Jackson, one day. one day. Great post ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I am not very familiar with too many places in the US other than the famouse cities on the East and West Coast, so I always enjoy reading about new places to get inspired. Missisppi was absolutely not on my radar, but it is now thanks to your post, so thanks for sharing!


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