Full-Time RV Life With Kids: Camp Hosting Pros and Cons

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Have you ever considered becoming a camp host or doing some work camping? Are you concerned that having kids might make you a less desirable candidate? In this article I will discuss some of the camp hosting pros and cons and how having kids affects these opportunities.

Camp hosting and work camping are not the same thing exactly. Camp hosting means that you are responsible for duties within the campground exclusively, while work camping may involve other duties, such as maintenance of facilities or working in the office. As a camp host, you will most likely be responsible for cleaning campsites, enforcing campground rules, and other camp related duties.

Full-Time RV Life With Kids: Camp Hosting Pros and Cons

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10 Best National Parks to Hike With Kids

10 Best National Parks to hike with kids

Basically any National Park you choose to hike with your kids will be amazing. You just really can’t go wrong where National Parks are concerned. This being said, there are some parks that are more suited to hiking with the kiddos than others. Perhaps you’re wondering what exactly makes a National Park great for hiking with kids. Well, please read on to find out the 10 best National Parks to hike with kids.

10 Best National Parks to hike in with kids

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Joshua Tree National Park

imag2656This was not a park I envisioned myself visiting when we started out on this adventure. After Sarah suggested we visit Craters Of The Moon and it turned out to be a great day-trip, I have been more open minded about places we visit. Originally we had picked a spot with water and electricity to stay for a few days while we explored the park. A super nice park ranger and I had a discussion though and she suggested we stay inside the park further at a camp called Jumbo Rocks. We filled up with water and then took her img_9652advice. Jumbo Rocks was in the middle of the National Park and like it’s name implies it had large boulders all around it. Although it was extremely difficult to get a spot and we barely fit into the one we settled on, it was an amazing camp and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

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Sunny SoCal

img_7497Before we knew for sure that we would sell our house and most of our possessions to go on the road full time, we had been planning for our family vacation.  The destination……San Diego!  There were a couple of reasons for choosing this location.  Our vacation destinations had to be within driving distance, as paying for five people to fly would basically deplete the vacation fund before we even arrived.  San Diego was somewhere we had never been and has many family friendly attractions.  The big reason for choosing San Diego; however, was that for the whole month of October kids go free (with adult ticket purchase of course) to all the major attractions.  This was going to save us some serious dough.  So why change plans?  No reason we could see and so to San Diego we did go!

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