How Our Family Unintentionally Started Unschooling

There are many ways that parents choose to home-school their children and one of these methods is known as unschooling.

Unschooling is a very non traditional method which is mainly child directed. It allows children to learn through activities that they choose. There is very little or no time spent sitting at a desk doing worksheets or taking notes. I am not sure how it got to be called unschooling as there really is a ton of learning taking place, but I suppose it is just that it goes in the opposite direction of how we picture a typical public school classroom.

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Tips on Visiting National Parks with your Family

The opportunity we have had to visit some of the most beautiful places in this country has been priceless. Going to national parks has somehow become a part of what we do. We had no idea when we started out on this crazy adventure that going to national parks was to become such an integral part of our whole experience. They are all so unique and amazing, each one is different and we are surprised to keep finding that we love all of them. Visiting them with our children has created some unforgettable memories for our entire family. Having our kids right there with us is not always easy, but totally worth every moment.

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The 5 Biggest Changes in our Home-school to Road-school Transition

Many things have changed in our lives since we have been on the road full time.  My children have always been home-schooled so the transition to road-schooling has been easy enough, but there are some big differences in our daily routine.  I want to share with you some of our biggest changes, some of these we expected and others we did not, but so far it has been a great experience.

1. Daddy Time-  The fact that we now get to share all of our learning experiences together as a family has been awesome.  We don’t have to say good-bye to Daddy every morning and then bombard him with all the days activities the minute he walks in the door at night.  He is there to share the day with us.  He gets to participate in all the fun (and not so fun) things we do each day.  There is no more “Daddy we wish you could have been there,” because he is there.

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Deciding To Homeschool

Beach schooling

To homeschool or not to homeschool?  I think this may be a question more parents are asking themselves as the time to enroll their child(ren) in public school approaches.  I did not really consider homeschool myself at first.  Although, I think as a populous we can all see that the public school system is failing.  Many parents would prefer a private school, and even charter schools seem to be gaining popularity as an alternative when homeschooling just is not an option for working parents.  My husband and I always kind of knew in the back of our minds that we would probably need to supplement at home what we felt our children would be missing out on at school.  However, when my oldest child turned four I decided it was time for him to start learning to read.  I have been able to read since the age of three so I knew it was possible and saw no reason to wait until he began school, not to mention the kid loved being read to.  mountain-schooling
So the lessons began.  I will admit it was somewhat daunting at first.  Nothing is easy when first learning it, and being the oldest I think he didn’t really think a child could read.  Most days we would practice letter recognition, when he had this task accomplished we moved on to sounds, next came putting sounds together, and the progression to full on reading shortly followed.  He was able to read very well by his fifth birthday, and with this came the idea that if I could teach him to read why not just teach him myself at home.  So I did.

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