Full Time RV Life With Kids: What to Bring on the Road

Deciding to hit the road to travel full-time is a big decision, especially when you have kids. You have to get rid of most of your stuff, including the toys. Of course, the kids still need things to do right, so what do you bring with you in the RV? Here’s my thoughts on what to bring for your full time RV life with kids.

Family in front of Travel Trailer at night

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Add Shelves to RV Cabinets In 6 Easy Steps

The cabinets seemed so perfect when we were at the dealership looking at our dream RV. Then the kids started using them and we found out that the space wasn’t working for us. Sound familiar? We all know that space and weight are major factors in an RV. So we decided to add shelves that are high quality and light weight, plus they will stand up to kid abuse. Want to learn how to make the most of your space too?

Here is how we changed our kids room from this:

To this in 6 easy steps:picture showing kids space after we add shelves to RV cabinets

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3 Tips for Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids can be a challenge. It can also be really great when approached right. Hopefully these three tips will help take out some of the stress and increase the fun in your adventure. Bring Snacks     Sometimes it seems like kids never stop eating. That is why having snacks on hand is … Read more 3 Tips for Traveling With Kids

5 RV Maintenance Tips Your Dealer Might Not Have Mentioned

So, you finally got your travel trailer and hit the road. Hopefully the dealer or party you purchased from went over yearly maintenance with you. What they might not have mentioned are things that have to be done regularly to prevent costly repairs. Most of the maintenance we do is free or inexpensive and only requires a little work. No matter what though, maintenance is important and can save you lots of money and headaches down the road. So here are 5 RV Maintenance Tips your dealer might not have mentioned to help you out and save you money.

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We Didn’t Hide Any Eggs, so it Was an April Fool’s Hunt

April Fool’s

I like a good joke, so when Easter fell on April first I knew I had to pull some stunt on the kids. I thought about hiding empty eggs, but realized they wouldn’t even know they were empty till after the egg hunt. So I just didn’t hide any eggs at all! I mentioned to them that there are 13 different forms of currency in the American money system from pennies and nickles to $100 dollar bills. Then told them they could keep what ever was in the eggs. Naturally they assumed that the eggs they were searching for each had a different piece of money in them. It was a frantic search for about ten minutes, then I broke the news to them. April Fool’s! They took it in stride and no one melted down on me. Trip did ask where the candy was, apparently he just thought they were the normal candy filled eggs. We had a good laugh over it and thought you might like to watch, so here is the raw video with some hunting taken out because who wants to watch 10 solid minutes of kids searching. Hope you like it.

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Shower Time

Camp Shower vs. RV Shower

There are so many things to consider when thinking about living full-time in a RV. It can be a little overwhelming as well as difficult finding the information you want. For me it was tricky to find information on doing laundry, how much food we would be able to fit in the refrigerator, and how much propane might cost. There were other things that I didn’t even think about. One of these things was the shower.

Hopefully you made sure to get in the shower in your RV before you purchased it. I had my husband get into the shower of any RV that we liked when we were still in planning phase. He was not too excited to stand in the shower and pretend he was washing up, but I wanted to be sure he was going to be comfortable.

Of course our RV has a shower, but there are times when it is necessary to use the facility at the campground. The main reason we end up using a camp shower is when we don’t have full hook-ups. Showers for our family of five fills our grey water tank pretty quickly. Which means for extended stays we use the camp shower. So I want to share with you some of the things I have learned about RV showers vs. camp showers.

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The Difficulties of Vehicle Maintenance on the Road

Maintaining a vehicle is a necessary part of being a car owner. When you tow your house with that vehicle it becomes paramount.

When setting up our budget I included vehicle maintenance. I didn’t include it into our travel plans though.  Getting the windshield replaced can be tough when all you want to do is go hiking in a National Park! Not having a shop limits me though and I can only do some of the work.

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How Much Propane Does a Travel Trailer Use

If you are planning to go on an epic adventure in a travel trailer, there are lots of questions that you have to answer. One of them will be about the costs of traveling full time, which can be tricky because every family is different. I had a hard time finding the answer to, how much propane does a travel trailer use? Propane is one of the items that I had a hard time pinning down while researching for our adventure. It is one of those it depends on your usage items that is impossible to figure out exact costs beforehand. Here is our break down for the last year to help you get an idea what it might cost your family on your adventure. (We are a family of five in a travel trailer)

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How Much Will it Cost?

How much will it cost?

This might be the question most asked by anyone thinking of living full time in a RV. We did a ton of research before we made the transition from stationary living to full time traveling and finding an answer to this question was elusive. It’s something everyone wants to know, but no one can answer. After making the transition I have a better understanding of why this is.

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Holiday Road

Something to be considered for people wanting to take their life on the road, especially those of us with young children, is how will the holidays be celebrated.  We are not a very religious family, but we do celebrate many traditional American holidays.  In our decision to take our life on the road we still wanted to provide our children with the fun and excitement of celebrating holidays along with their birthdays.  Although where we celebrate them and the ways in which we celebrate them will vary, it is great that we are still able to participate in them no matter where we happen to be.  We planned on being with grandparents for Christmas, but hadn’t really considered where we would be or how we would celebrate other holidays.  Birthdays on the road were also not something we had taken into consideration when planning this adventure.  It is hard to plan for everything, however; birthdays are not too difficult.  We just let the kids pick something unique, fun, and kid friendly in the area we plan to be for their birthday.  I still make them a cake or special treat and we get them a small gift, something useful or something they need, but mainly it’s about the experience.   Other holidays have taken a little more planning, but we always figure it out and so far it has always been fun and a new experience.  So with a little planning and a big sense of adventure holidays on the road have been fun and exciting!

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