Car Troubles in New Mexico

Cars, like homes, always need maintenance and it can be tricky finding good auto shops while traveling.

The tires seriously needed replaced!

The plan was to replace the tires when we were in Texas, but we wore them out faster than anticipated. While driving in ABQ, as the locals call Albuquerque, we started having a bumpy ride and were worried the transmission was acting up and we were in for car troubles. It turned out to be the rear passenger tire crying out that it was on it’s last leg. The next morning I slowly limped the car to the tire shop and went ahead and purchased four new tires. I had called and arranged it beforehand, so I didn’t think it would be a huge ordeal.

Unfortunately the workers at the tire center seemed to be having trouble doing their job right.

Even with an appointment it took many hours because they accidentally ordered the wrong set of tires. Before the car entered the shop one of the workers drove someone’s car into ours. Lucky for us (but not them) it only damaged the other customers car. The shop was nice enough to give me forty dollars off for the inconvenience they had caused.


Only a small dent in his bumper.


After all the hassle, at least the new tires are nice.

We also had to get an oil change while we were in Albuquerque and they also took a few hours even though our car was in the bay immediately! Apparently they didn’t have the right filter and had to have someone drive it over. So the lesson is, don’t get any auto work in Albuquerque or if you have to, then be prepared for a twenty minute job to take several hours.

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