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Looking for great family friendly campgrounds?

We have traveled state by state and found some really wonderful campgrounds to call home for a few days or a week.  There have also been some not so family friendly parks too.  It can be challenging to find a great place that is family and budget friendly.  So we want to share with you some of the campgrounds we have found that were both of these things.


While it is true that everyone will have a different experience when they stay somewhere it is nice to hear the opinions of others.  I mean that is why we all read the reviews, right?  So by clicking on a region in the map below you can find out which campgrounds we have stayed in and loved in that area.




We are not campground experts.

After having stayed in around seventy campgrounds over the last year I can definitely say we have some experience.  This in no way makes us experts however.  No two campgrounds are alike.  Every single place we have stayed has been unique in some way.  There are so many different types of campgrounds that it would be difficult to even give one favorite.  It would be easier to give a favorite feature of certain types.  For us, having a family of five, the price is usually a top priority.  So if we share a campground here it is most likely that it was a nice price.

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The other feature that we find important in a campground is the family friendly atmosphere.  We have three kids and we want to feel comfortable letting them outside to play.  Kids will make noise, run, and get dirty.  we want a campground that is conducive to these behaviors.  Our kids should be allowed to be kids no matter where we are.  Not all campgrounds make a family feel welcome (no matter what their website says).  So check the map to see some of the places we have found to share with you.  We hope it is helpful and feel free to let us know if you have found any great places we can add to our list in the comments.

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