Best Museums to Visit with Kids Near Oklahoma City

There are some great museums in the United States and Oklahoma City is no exception. If you are visiting the area with kids I highly recommend a visit to The Science Museum Oklahoma and Sam Noble Museum. These are in our opinion the best museums in Oklahoma City to visit if you have kids.

Science Museum Oklahoma

This is a very hands on museum within a very large building. If you have active children, and let’s face it they’re all active, this is a great place to go. There are definitely too many exhibits and displays to cover in this article so I will just highlight a few of the ones we really enjoyed while we were in this awesome Oklahoma City museum.

Climbing structures are always a big hit with kids and this place has two of them. One is designed to look like trees. It has slides, ramps and stairs, as well as air cannons. The cannons are up high and can be moved to shoot different targets, like CD’s and wind chimes dangling from the ceiling.

The other one is at the back of Curiosity Village. It is huge and provides a great place to let kids run. With only one area to enter and exit it’s easy to let them go. This structure has two big slides, bridges, an airplane with propellers that move, and tubes that can send little balls up or down. It provides endless opportunities for fun.

huge wooden play structure

Always Something New

When you visit as many museums as we do you are bound to have some overlap in activities. Science Museum Oklahoma had plenty of new things to experience though. The kids really enjoyed getting a chance to drive a Segway. The small track had an outer, easier course and an inner course with different terrain. They even gave them a drivers license to keep.

Some of the other displays included origami art and fungus. Seeing the incredible origami that people can make is amazing. It is hard to believe that some of these things are made completely out of folded paper. There is even a place to make your own origami frog. In the fungus section is a disgusting yet interesting display. It shows a plate of food over time and in each display the food is shown decaying more and more. It was interesting to see which foods decay more rapidly and which ones are slower in this process.

Upstairs they have a big open area with over-sized games. These include games like checkers, chess, and dominoes. Most of them we have played, but the one game they have that was new to us is the giant Battleship game board. The kids also got to “go to the Moon” in a space capsule in the space section. An employee will help them climb into the pod and they move it around while giving them instruction from Earth. Parents can watch on a video screen to see their kids reactions.

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Sam Noble Museum

A visit to this museum near Oklahoma City will give you a better understanding of the states history and environment. It has beautiful displays that show you animals, plants, and people that have helped form the state.

First you will travel through exhibits of early life and prehistoric times. With drawers to open, flaps to lift, and realistic displays, your child is sure to enjoy the main floor. There are lots of dinosaur fossils which give a great perspective of the true size of these creatures. They also have a great children’s room with plenty of hands on activities. Our oldest son found the books right away while the younger two played with the animal action figures. Don’t forget to look at the selection of live animals in here as well.

Upstairs you will find displays about the people of Oklahoma. These exhibits focus on the Native Americans that play an important role in the states history along with early settlers too. One of the must see displays here is the painted bison skull which is the oldest known painting. The museum covers tons of information about Oklahoma and is sure to provide family fun and education too.

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Museums in Oklahoma City are Great

These are two of the best museums to take your kids in the Oklahoma City area. The Science Museum Oklahoma will provide hours of entertainment for kids of all ages. There are too many fun things to do there for me to share them all so go check it out for yourself. If you are looking for fun and education definitely visit the Sam Noble Museum. Both are fun for the whole family. They also have in common that parking is free and plentiful which is always a bonus.

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Best Museums to Visit with Kids Near Oklahoma City

Tell us what you think about these museums or some of the cool museums in your area, we’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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11 thoughts on “Best Museums to Visit with Kids Near Oklahoma City”

  1. I love the idea of having a segway to ride in the Science Museum! That has to be a great experience for the kids, for sure. Origami art and climbing structures made to look like trees are definitely places kids would love to spend time. Oklahoma city has so much for children, its amazing to know!

  2. My wife and I love to visit museums while we travel for the cultural experience and to learn something new. We (well, I) might be too big for the climbing structures but you’re never too old to be wowed by optical illusions. Nothing better than tricking yourself into learning something! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I agree with Julia, I didn’t know Oklamhoma had so many museums and so much to do! I don’t have kids yet, but I would love to visit all of them. Museums are one of my favourite activities in any city. My husband would love the science museum.

  4. I went there with my family, and museums is quite interesting for kids, they loved it and we was 3 hour in museums. Thanks for sharing your trip experience in oklahoma city.

  5. The Curiousity Village looks wonderful. I am glad you are introducing your kids to appropriate museums – some are just so well planned now for kids, it seems a shame to only see adults there. I still remember going to a science museum where you could cycle a bike to make electricity to power a TV (I was about 8 years old). I think those museums with interactive activities really work well for kids and leave lasting memories

  6. I’ve never been to Oklahoma City but it looks like a great place to visit with kids. We always took our kids to museums when they were little, and these look like great ones. I love that there’s such variety.

  7. Lots to do for kids near Oklahoma City. The science museum looks like fun, and so does that climbing gym at Curiosity Village. I appreciate you try to encourage learning and growing type of entertainment for your kids.

  8. Oh, these look like so much fun! Especially the space shuttle sounds amazing! Lucky kids, you are really creating a fun childhood for them as it sounds! Good on you!

  9. I didn’t realize Oklahoma City had so much to do! The Sam Noble Museum seems like it would be interesting for adults as well.


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