Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour

We had never eaten Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream before

The original factory was near where we were staying in Vermont. Since we love ice cream and it was really close by, the decision to visit Ben &Jerry’s ice cream factory was easy. This place was more touristy than places we usually choose to visit and we knew that going in. The hope was that we could learn something about how their business is run and how ice cream is made commercially. Although the tour was short and the factory floor was between flavors so only the cleaning crew was working, we still learned lots during our tour.

Ben & Jerry’s is an American success story that was started by two guys

They bought a $5 mail order ice cream course, then they turned it into a global business. Miles wants to be the worlds first trillionaire and likes to read Forbes magazine, so we have started to explain how businesses work to him and the factory tour fit right into our lessons. All of us love ice cream (who doesn’t?) and learning the process they use to make ice cream was almost as cool as getting to eat a sample.

Afterwards we visited the Flavor Graveyard out back where discontinued flavors go to rest. Each flavor had a small epitaph written about it and we took the time to read every single one! Then the kids played on the playground, while the adults relaxed in the beautiful Vermont fall weather. It was a great day spent learning about ice cream and a responsible business that has the American dream at it’s core.

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Or if you just want to watch a video about it check out our video on You Tube

While in Vermont we celebrated Journey’s Birthday and it was Amazing and we Rubber Ball Bowled at Rock of Ages

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