A Historical Place that will Take you Back in Time

Savannah Georgia was our destination after leaving Florida. We were all excited to see this historical city, and we were not disappointed. The buildings and layout of the historical district is wonderful. It is easy to walk the entire area, but if walking is not your thing or you are physically unable to they also provide a free bus service with many stops all around the district. We first stopped by the visitor center where parking is free for the first hour only. They have many resources and friendly staff that were happy to answer all of our questions. We were there on a Friday so we parked at metered parking because it is free after five and on the weekends. We enjoyed seeing all the old buildings and just walking around.

There were several places to choose from when deciding where to stay in our RV near Savannah. We chose to stay at Savannah Oaks RV because it was only about twenty minutes from the historic district and had a great rate. It was very family friendly too which is a big part of what we look for in choosing a place to stay. They had a playground, tether ball, basketball, and a fishing area. The laundry facility was large and not to far from our space, and it was very quiet even on Easter Weekend. It was also only about ten minutes from grocery shopping. It was a very nice place to stay while visiting the sites of Savannah.

One thing we really wanted to do in the city was take a tour so that we could learn some of the history of these places not just see them (which is really amazing all in itself). We decided to take a carriage ride tour to get a more historical feel since it is such a historical place. Plantation Carriage tours did an awesome job. The tour lasts about an hour and provides a story behind many of the historical buildings and our guide Shaun did a great job. It was really neat just to watch him navigating through the traffic, controlling the horses, and avoiding pedestrians, all while giving us an awesome tour with tons of interesting facts. I would only recommend maybe not taking the tour on a Friday night as the busy traffic on some of the streets did make it difficult to hear. The kids enjoyed seeing the city at night and getting to pet the horse! It was something we would definitely do again if we had a chance.

Savannah is known for being an eclectic city and this includes it’s restaurants. While we walked through the streets we saw many different varieties of food to choose from. It was a tough choice when we were deciding where to eat. We try not to eat out to often as it can get expensive, especially with three kids that for some reason think we also need to feed them, but while in Savannah we did splurge. It had been a while since Chris had gotten a good beer with a meal so we choose the Moon River Brewing Co. as our dinner dining location. He chose a couple of their local brews and really enjoyed them, the food was also delicious and everyone cleaned their plates. What goes better with some good food and a couple of beers than dessert? After we finished eating we walked around a bit more, listened to a band playing in City Market, and found Byrd Cookie Company. This place was great, they give free samples of all their cookie flavors which makes not buying some nearly impossible. They are so yummy! The store is really nice too and of course my children found books to read (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie). So because we were splurging (and it was Easter Sunday) we also decided to go to breakfast on our second trip into the city. We found a great Cafe called Goose Feathers that had pastries, waffles, and sandwiches which worked out great as there was something for all of us. When we arrived the line was almost out the door and by the time we were finished the line was way out the door, but after eating there we know why. Everything was so good!

This city is laid out amazingly well considering it was founded in 1733. The building are so well preserved it is easy to imagine yourself walking the streets (or riding through them in a horse drawn carriage) back in the early days. It is one of the best historical districts we have been to on our adventure so far. We were able to take a free ferry boat ride across the river to get a great view of River Street. The park squares are such a nice feature and I am so glad that most of them have been maintained as park areas. They are all unique with fountains, statues, and monuments to important historical figures. Forsyth park Is the largest of theses spaces and included two play areas for the kids plus a beautiful fountain and large green space with an amphitheater. It was a great experience and so nice to see that so many of the building are kept up and that it maintains it’s overall historical feel. I can’t wait to get back someday.



Here are links to some of the places we visited while in Savannah:

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Savannah Belles Ferry


We held our breath as Trip rolled down the metal slide and then flew off the side! Luckily he grabbed the side of the slide and performed a gymnastic move. He wasn’t hurt and we could breath again.



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