A Family Adventure to Crater of Diamonds State Park

Sarah standing in the plowed field at Crater of DiamondsDoing things outdoors is something our family enjoys a great deal. In Arkansas there are endless opportunities for outdoor adventures. This includes mining for diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park.

Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s Off to Crater of Diamonds We Go

Family in front of Crater of Diamonds visitor center

This State Park is home to the only diamond mine open to the public in the world. It is a large field that they plow up a few times a year where they let guests dig for diamonds. You can bring your own shovels, buckets, and sieves or rent some from the visitors center. Anything you find you are allowed to keep.

If you or your kids are interested in finding cool rocks Crater of Diamonds is the place to go. We did not find any diamonds and finding them is not easy, but there are tons of beautiful stones to be had. Our youngest son loved the experience because he felt like a real miner.


If You Go

There are several picnic tables around the digging area so feel free to bring a pinic lunch. Wear hats and sunscreen because there is very little shade in the big open field. We love our hydration packs, they allow us to always have water, but not have worry about carrying a bottle around which is great for places like this.

There are two ways to search for diamonds here. The first one is surface hunting, where you just search the ground by walking around. The other is to dig down to the gravel and search it. They do allow you to take a five gallon bucket of washed gravel home with you. So if you want to do this make sure you bring something to carry it out in. Otherwise they say that most diamonds are found on the surface, especially after it rains.

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Have Fun

Remember that an adventure is about experiences. If you visit Crater of Diamonds State Park dead set on finding a diamond and then you don’t find one it may end with disappointment. Go instead set on having a good time and you will. Our family left without a diamond, but with some really cool rocks and some great memories.


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