13 Cheap or Free East Coast Places to Take Your Family

Family vacations can get expensive, especially on the east coast. The following is a list of family and budget friendly places you should visit. 1. National Naval Aviation Museum This museum is located on an air force base in Pensacola Florida. Due to it being an active military site there is some security to go … Read more 13 Cheap or Free East Coast Places to Take Your Family

3 Different Ways You Can Travel as a Family

Family travel is the best kind of travel, as you all get to create memories and share experiences that last forever. In a few decades, you will be able to look back at your holiday photos and laugh while reminiscing about the good times you enjoyed being together as a family.  When it comes to … Read more 3 Different Ways You Can Travel as a Family

10 Reasons to Love Minnesota

Traveling through America takes us to some pretty amazing places. Every state in this beautiful country has something unique to offer. From beaches to forests, skyscrapers to historic sites, the US has it all. We often get asked “where is your favorite place?” This question is rather impossible to answer because we love so many … Read more 10 Reasons to Love Minnesota

Holiday Road

Something to be considered for people wanting to take their life on the road, especially those of us with young children, is how will the holidays be celebrated.  We are not a very religious family, but we do celebrate many traditional American holidays.  In our decision to take our life on the road we still … Read more Holiday Road

Ships and Shores

After a wonderful time in Connecticut and Rhode Island, we were really looking forward to Massachusetts. Our first stop in the state was Cape Cod. Like all the National Seashores, Cape Cod was beautiful and we loved spending time at the beach. Traffic was kinda crazy because of a large rotary plus the primary road … Read more Ships and Shores

Recycled Buildings in Richmond

Learning something new isn’t too hard when you visit historical sites in Richmond We are heading north up the east coast and we plan to be in Maine sometime this summer, but we have a lot to see before we get there. This includes a few stops in the Virginia area where there is a … Read more Recycled Buildings in Richmond

Airplanes, Cannons, and Beaches

In order to see the Everglades while Rangers programs are still going on, we had to postpone seeing Alabama and Mississippi till later. Instead we just drove right on through to Florida and stopped north of Pensacola for a short stay. We found a campsite that was so great I will be doing a post … Read more Airplanes, Cannons, and Beaches

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