5 Modifications Of Our Trailer

Almost every full timer makes some modifications to their living space. We talked with another couple that had the same model trailer as us and they had a few mods to show us. I decided to show our mods to him and we both walked away with plans to make future modifications. It got me to thinking that our mods might help someone else planning on full timing or satisfy someones curiosity about life on the road. After you read this please feel free to comment suggestions for additional mods that would help us or questions if you want technical information on how to do the mod yourself.

1. Making Trip’s Bed More Comfortable

When we were in Montana we noticed that Trip’s bed was a little colder than the rest of the kids room. Also sometimes the campgrounds have bright lights near the restrooms and they would shine into his window, which didn’t have blinds because it is on a door. While  wintering over in Texas, Sarah’s mom was awesome and not only made custom mattress covers for all three bunks but she also made a custom canvas curtain for Trip’s window. It sticks up with Velcro so that the kids can get out in case of an emergency and it can be taken down to be washed. I also bought some insulation board and installed it on the aluminum frame underneath his bed. Now it is the same temp as the rest of the room and bright lights don’t shine into the room.

2. Switching the Handles on the Cupboards

We love the travel trailer we bought, but there was one design flaw that was a nuisance. The stainless steel handles on all the cupboards stuck out a little bit and sometimes people’s clothes got caught on it. I knew that eventually someone would get hurt, the cabinets would get damaged, or someones clothing would get ruined. We were planning on buying some new ones to replace the ones under the kitchen table, but we were in no rush to do so. Well the universe does provide if you ask because we found a set of six on clearance at a store almost right away even though we hadn’t started looking yet. Best of all there were six of them, so I also replaced the three on our closet since we bumped into them sometimes when walking by.

3.Hooks for keys, oven mitt, and Calendar     

Sarah’s uncle hooked us up with. . . well hooks! It was the first time in my life that I was so happy to get hooks, but they work awesome in the trailer without me having to drill holes. Now the keys have a home, the hot pads are out of the way in the kitchen, and our calendar is visible from the living room. Sarah came up with an ingenious way for us to hang the calendar while still being able to change it every month. We also got some spice racks to hang, but they fell down. Oh well, they still work on the little plastic racks and are convenient when cooking.

4. Grip tape on the ladder, so the kids would stop falling!

One fortunate problem with having a bunk house is kids falling off the top bunks. Since Journey has the larger bunks, the kids tend to play on it. A few times the kids fell off the bunk and they learned to not sit right by the edge. The ladder was a different issue though. No matter how careful the kids were on the ladder, they kept falling off it and getting hurt. We found some grip tape at a store and put it on the ladder. Since then there has only been one fall and that was because one of the kids leaned while on it. Next I need to find some silicone pads to help the top stay put.

5.Hanging the broom, mop, and clock

When I first saw a clip to hang a broom, but it was pretty expensive so we passed on it. Since it was on sale the next time I saw it at a store I went ahead and bought it. The broom hangs out of the way behind the bathroom door and it has worked out great. So I started to look for another one on sale for the mop, when presto I found one and now the mop is hanging up as well. We hung the clock with adhesive strips, but then realized that we have to take it down frequently to change the time. Luckily I found a small hook that holds it up and it can be taken down when we switch times zones.



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