4 Ways To Earn Money While Traveling

Traveling full time leads to many changes in lifestyle, but you will still need an income to pay the bills. Even if you manage to pay off all your debt and own everything outright, there will still be monthly and yearly bills. Making money while traveling isn’t impossible though it isn’t easy. There are lots of get rich quick schemes that will try to part you from your hard earned dollars. Hidden among these shady endeavors is work that actually allows you to earn money while traveling. These gigs and positions will send you paychecks no matter where you are at in the world. Here are just a few examples to help you on your way.

4 Ways to Earn Money While Traveling to places like Crater Lake Oregon
Travel isn’t free, but being free to travel is worth the work!

1. Freelance Writing 

Freelance writing is slowly but surely becoming more and more sought after; as online marketing and search engine optimization grows, freelance writing positions become available. While it might not be the right fit for everyone, we have done well writing for a variety of companies. You will need to have some basic writing skills to start, but be prepared to learn as you go. If you want to work and travel, this is the ideal opportunity as all you need is a computer and internet connection and you’re on your way. We prefer freelance writing because you get to make your own schedule, but you can also get hired to a permanent position if you want more stability.  

2. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is also an option that you can do remotely. In this position you assist the management of a company with administrative tasks. You can expect to do anything from scheduling meetings to organizing marketing campaigns. You have to be able to check your email regularly and be tech-savvy. Virtual assistants have become a popular option as it costs companies much less, and multiple managers can share one virtual assistant. Most of these positions require a set schedule and they aren’t as flexible as freelance work.

3. Courier Services 

A new way of earning money for anyone with a delivery vehicle or even a hatchback. Making money is as simple as choosing work and delivering a parcel. On this platform, you bid delivery work and fulfill orders as they are accepted. Shiply is a platform where individuals who need cargo couriered advertise the work and accept the most convenient quote from someone like you. You can easily find something on Shiply and start to earn money while traveling. The company started in the UK, but is now offering work all over including in America.

4. Odd Jobs

If you are handy and don’t mind rolling up your sleeves, then you can also do jobs for people you meet on the road. This isn’t the steadiest of work and it really depends on your skills and ability to talk to strangers. It can bring in the money though if you are willing to do a variety of different jobs. On our travels I have worked on solar fields, did general yard work, house painting, web design, mechanic work and more. The tricky thing about odd jobs is that if you move often they can be hard to find and sometimes it is hard to move on from a gig that pays well. You will need to market yourself and be willing to work. If you are then jobs will find you because good workers are in short supply.

Don’t think that you have to wait till you are traveling to start earning income remotely. It is actually wiser to start the income stream before you travel. We didn’t start earning money until we had been on the road more than a year. In hindsight we should have started sooner, like before we even hit the road! You shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket either. Though we do have one primary stream of income, writing and editing professionally, we still try to keep money coming in from multiple sources. Listed above are only some of the ways we make money. Every person is unique and you should try to figure out how you can effectively earn money while traveling.

Earn Money While Traveling

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