4 Top Reasons to Visit Texas

Perhaps you’ve got a hankering to visit the wide open lands of Texas? Well, you’ll be sure to get your fix of good old country life. If you like line-dancing, rodeos, or horseback rides, you’re in for a real treat! Barbecue lovers won’t be disappointed with some of the best brisket or ribs you’ll ever get to try. Texas has plenty of charm for those of all ages; from kids to grandparents. Let’s jump in and look at some of the four top reasons to visit Texas.

4 Top Reasons to Visit Texas

San Antonio River Walk

The San Antonio River Walk is a beautiful spot for tourists and locals alike to take a stroll. You’ll find lovely restaurants with perfect outdoor seating spots, so you can enjoy the river views. There are also opportunities to hop on one of the riverboats that will take you around downtown. A guide will give you some history on the sites you see while you cruise down the river. Whether it’s for sightseeing or a dinner cruise, you’ll delight in all that the stunning river has to offer. Try taking one of the night riverboats for a romantic evening.

4 Top Reasons to Visit Texas

Space Center Houston Is One of the Top Reasons to Visit Texas

4 Top Reasons to Visit Texas

Calling any space fans out there! The Space Center Houston is a super famous attraction in Texas, drawing visitors from all over the world. You’ll learn everything you could ever dream of and more about NASA’s upcoming projects, missions, and exploring space. There’s a tour which grants visitors access to the Johnson Space Center which is something not to be missed when visiting this site. With so many lovely exhibits and displays about NASA, you’ll learn plenty and won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to touch a rock all the way from Mars before you leave! Kids will love it here just as much as adults; it’s a real once-in-a-lifetime place.

Sixth Floor Museum

History buffs won’t want to miss the sixth-floor museum in Dallas. It was at this location that tragically, John F. Kennedy’s life was taken. Inside the museum. you’ll learn so much about Kennedy’s life and the assassination itself. With so much in the way of artifacts, photos, and footage to see, even those not that interested in the event should definitely pay this place a visit. The Alamo, the Witte Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts are some of the other top reasons to visit Texas.

The Gulf Coast Beaches are Top Reasons to Visit Texas

For beach lovers, Texas is a real haven. There are plenty of beautiful beaches to choose from, so you’re going to find yourself pretty torn for choice! South Packery Channel Beach is beautiful and often considered less crowded than some of the other touristy spots. If you like fishing, this is an excellent spot for jetty fishing! You’ll find the stunning Crystal Beach on the Bolivar Peninsula. It’s a gorgeous place for a stroll, swim, or surf. You can even rent some cute little beach cabins #ad. Mustang Island State Beach is another perfect spot for catching some rays and getting good and relaxed! In addition to beaches, there are plenty of beautiful National Parks around the state. If you’re kids love camping. it’s just another great one of the top reasons to visit Texas.

The beach is great

Texas has so much to offer that it’s high time to put it on your bucket list. If you’re looking for a hotel near DFW International Airport, you should check out DFW Super 8. This hotel has a lovely range of rooms to fit all budgets and all the great amenities you could want. You’ll find free Wi-Fi, airport shuttles, and a great free breakfast too. Those traveling for business will find a handy business center to get online and print out any documents that you need.

4 Top Reasons to Visit Texas
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