3 Different Ways You Can Travel as a Family

Family travel is the best kind of travel, as you all get to create memories and share experiences that last forever. In a few decades, you will be able to look back at your holiday photos and laugh while reminiscing about the good times you enjoyed being together as a family. 

When it comes to traveling with your family, there are many different routes you can take. I’m not literally talking about routes – I’m talking about various travel options that suit your family. Check out these three different ways you can travel as a family and then choose an option that you think suits your family best of all.

3 Different Ways You Can Travel as a Family

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A cruise can work for your family if you’re looking to explore different places in a short space of time. They’re package deals, so everything gets paid for upfront, which means, you have nothing else to worry about. You can take a cruise from North America that will take you to Mexico or a Caribbean island. South America also has plenty of cruises to tickle your fancy. Many cruises are geared to accommodate families and include tons of family-friendly activities.

A husband and wife in front of a cruise ship.
The cruise ship in the background was huge!

Down in Ecuador, you can get a cruise that will take you around the iconic Galapagos Islands. Be careful when choosing the best Galapagos cruise though, as you will want one from a legit company that isn’t trying to rip you off. If you’re wanting to venture even further out, some places on the coast of North America will even sail as far as Europe. Cruises can take you all over the world and are an adventure all in themselves. Kids and parents alike will enjoy seeing the world from the comfort of a cruise ship.

Everything however, has a downside and the downside of cruises is that they cost a lot of money. This can make it a hard way for large families to travel. Also, you or your kids might get seasick. There’s also the risk of bad weather interrupting your holiday cruise. But, some people like the luxury travel experience a cruise provides and it will take you to some unique places, while including both food and accommodations. This can really take the stress out of planning a family vacation that includes stops in many exotic locations.

Road Trips

Another great travel option for families is road trips. While this might be the complete opposite of a luxury cruise, it is a great way to experience a place. As a family, you can pack up what you need into an RV or your family car and set off to explore the country. If you’re looking to explore as many U.S. states as possible, then a road trip is the only way to go. This option will allow you to see many places and make stops in places you otherwise wouldn’t see. It can also be a cheaper option because you can stay in your RV or camper-van. Rent an RV for as low as $49 a day!#ad

A family in front of their RV.
Traveling as a family has brought us closer together!

Although gas can get expensive, you will save money on accommodations and meals. Staying in campgrounds and RV parks is much less expensive than a hotel room. Eating out is one of the highest costs of a holiday and being able to prepare at least some of your own meals is a great way to save money too. Another advantage of RV travel is that you can bring more of what you need, like clothes for all types of weather and toys for the kids, which is harder with only a suit case.

A possible disadvantage however, could be the amount of driving. Long car trips can be challenging for kids. Also, if only one parent can drive, then it’s a massive task for them to take. Plus, progress can be slow and you need to keep your kids entertained during all the driving. Regardless of these challenges, it’s still the ultimate travel experience for any family.

A family bonding around a camp fire.

Package Holidays

Lastly, consider a package holiday. This is an excellent idea if you’re interested in a short vacation to one place. Package holidays provide you with hotel accommodations, food, and transportation all rolled into one. You book a place to stay and your family gets to enjoy the vacation for the duration of your trip. Some packages even include attractions – such as Disney World in Florida. You can get packages here where you get access to the park for a few days, along with a hotel on-site that includes free breakfasts.

A woman extremely happy with a hotel room.
When you get the perfect room and you get to see this look, you realize it’s worth every penny!

Like I said, packages only really work when you want to stay in one place during your trip. This is not the way to go if you want to travel to many places on your holiday. If you want to relax in a single location or enjoy one attraction for multiple days, then a package holiday is for you. Otherwise, the other options will suit you best.

No matter what type of holiday you want to enjoy, you’re sure to make some wonderful memories together as a family. Try one of these suggestion and start your adventure. Tell us about your favorite type of family holiday, we love to get ideas for our next adventure too.

3 Different Ways You Can Travel as a Family

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