Little Kitchen Cooking

Switching to a little kitchen can be a big change.

There are some people that choose not to cook in their little kitchen.  I am not one of them.  For me the whole point of being able to bring our house everywhere is to have all the conveniences of home too.  That being said, it was a big change moving into a smaller space.  However, it does get easier.

The main thing to keep in mind is organization.  If you have read about or talked to others that live the RV lifestyle they have probably told you the same.  Rather than focusing on limited space, focus on maximizing space. Because we all enjoy a good meal, make organizing a priority.  This will help make meal times happy times.

Your little kitchen transition made simple.

We would like to provide you with some information that might make your kitchen transition easier.  By clicking on a link below you will hopefully find some useful information.  There are items we have found to be very useful and others not at all necessary.  Recipes that I used to make in my household kitchen just do not work in my little kitchen.  Cooking with propane is very different than any other type of heat.  It was all a learning experience that I hope by sharing will make yours better.

So if you are thinking of transitioning to a little kitchen or maybe you already have, let my experiences help you.  Join our adventure and see what we have learned along the way.  Feel free to share your experiences and the things you have learned too.  Also if you have any questions about life with a little kitchen just ask.





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